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At Opuntia, we specialize in land-based Galapagos tours that thrill your senses and engage your mind. Our Eco Journeys are designed to give you the ultimate wildlife, nature, and adventure experience on tour itineraries that flow seamlessly and highlight the best of the Galapagos while cutting down on unnecessary travel time and optimizing your time in the Galapagos. We bring you face-to-face with giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, and marine iguanas as you follow in Darwin’s footsteps to discover the marvels of evolution.

We’ve created the best way for most travelers to visit the Galapagos with our Galapagos land tours, or as we call it, Island Hopping, on trips of 5 or 6 days.

For active adventures that include sea kayaking, snorkelling, diving, hiking and options of mountain biking and even surfing, see our Active Galapagos tours and Multi Sport Galapagos tours.

Opuntia operates four of the top Galapagos hotels:

Opuntia Galapagos Tours is a member of the Neotropic Travel Group, pioneers in adventure travel in South America, offering tours in Ecuador since 1991 and recently opening adventure tours in Colombia.

Explore, learn, and discover… Opuntia style!


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Opuntia Tours has been featured in USA Today!
“…Ecuador-based eco-outfitter, Opuntia, is starting to offer a new alternative to the islands’ classic sailing trips with well constructed tours of the Galapagos’ rugged interiors. They offer multisport adventure tours based out of boutique hotels on three different islands in the Galapagos. Think hiking active volcanoes, mountain biking coastal wetlands, kayaking with sea turtles and sharks, and snorkeling with sea lions.”
 Iguana Crossing Hotel Award WinnerIguana Crossing Hotel on Isabela Island, Galapagos, Wins International Quality Award
Opuntia’s Iguana Crossing Hotel has been awarded the prestigious “BID International Star For Quality Award”. The award is given for exceptional total quality and factors such as customer service, societal and industry leadership, innovation, communication strategies, worker satisfaction, efficiency of processes, continual improvement, and other  factors related to Total Quality Management.   Opuntia will formally be presented the award in Genève Switzerland in September, 2014. The award received wide ranging press coverage throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.
Congratulations to the entire Iguana Crossing staff for their continued hard work to improve the experiences of travelers and helping to make Iguana Crossing a world-class hotel.
Read more about the award here


Opuntia Galapagos Tours  Featured in in-LAN Magazine! 
Opuntia Galapagos Tours, including Iguana Crossing Hotel, Opuntia Hotel, Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, and  Casa Baronesa were all mentioned in this highly regarded On-board airline magazine from LAN Airlines. 
Opuntia Tours founder Alfredo Meneses was interviewed in the article. Here’s an excerpt: 
“These islands are special because of their isolation and because of the effect of the currents. The California current, the cold Humboldt current and the Cromwell current bring an endless array of species that must adapt to survive. Without a doubt, Rocker Rock has the world’s second richest variety of underwater life, great and small. Number one is probably the Great Barrier Reef in Australia,” explains Meneses.
Download the PDF of the article here. 

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