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Why Galapagos Land Based Tours?

Galapagos by land or by sea?  This is probably one of the first things you need to figure out before choosing a Galapagos holiday.

Most travelers who visit the Galapagos do so on a cruise.  In the past, this was the only way you could visit the Islands. Nowadays, however, Galapagos land-based programs (also frequently referred to as Galapagos Island hopping tours) provide a very favorable alternative to cruises thanks to the development of hotels and other infrastructure.

So what does a Galapagos land-based tour with Opuntia mean?  In a nutshell, you will return to a hotel in the evening instead of a cruise ship.  Depending on your itinerary, you’ll stay in two or three different hotels during your trip, each on a different island.  You’ll take day trips from each hotel, and your travel time is limited to short connections from island to island.  This means you’ll be much more comfortable than you would be on a ship, and you’ll waste a lot less time getting from place to place.

Our land-based model provides a very different experience than a cruise.  We think it has some serious advantages, and we think you will too.  Here are a few reasons to choose an Opuntia land-based program:

  • Rest and relax in comfortable boutique hotels instead of on a cramped boat.
  • Spend much less time moving from place to place, and more time having fun.
  • Enjoy flexibility and freedom to do what you want, when you want.
  • More time for each activity – great for active travelers.
  • Ideal for families – lots of kid-friendly activities and no stressful adaptation to living on a ship.
  • Don’t worry about seasickness or your wine glass sliding off the table at dinner.
  • Support the local economy and help provide gainful employment for Galapagueños.
  • Get in touch with the unique vibe of each island and visit town whenever you want.
  • No uncomfortable and time-consuming wet landings just to get off the ship.
  • More variety in your surroundings, activities, cuisine and interactions.
  • Smaller group size means more personal attention and less impact.
  • More eco-friendly – be a good steward of this amazing, yet fragile, environment.

And the list goes on!

We believe that the land-based experience is ultimately much more enjoyable and meaningful for our clients, and just as importantly, provides a sustainable future of Galapagos tourism.  Cruise ships burn drums of fuel, dump wastewater, and keep tourism money on the mainland.  With our sustainable land-based Galapagos tours, you’ll minimize your impact and support the locals. Our company is certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance, and we make environmental stewardship a high priority. Opuntia land-based Eco Adventures provide an enhanced experience and a sustainable future for Galapagos tourism.  See for yourself!

Opuntia offers two different classes of Galapagos land tours:

1) Wildlife Tours, enable you to see more Galapagos wildlife in more places while visiting the 3 most important islands on 5 or 6 day trips.

2) Active Tours, where you explore the Galapagos on foot, bike, sea kayak, scuba diving and even an option for surfing. Multisport adventures which combine multiple activities are available for both 5 and 7 day tours.

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