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Active Galapagos Tours

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Galapagos Wildlife for Active Foodies, 8 Days

A first and unique Galapagos wildlife experience designed for active food enthusiasts. While discovering the wildlife and natural history of the Galapagos Islands in a fun and dynamic way, your chef, host, and naturalist guide will share his insight while creating gourmet dishes with local and organic products. Discover the fauna and flora of Santa Cruz and nearby Islands,...

Days: 8
From: $3940
Effort: Easy to moderate. No experience necessary.

Galapagos Premium Kayak Expedition, 7 Days

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s richest and most unique marine ecosystem. This program is a comprehensive kayaking experience with exclusive access to four different islands. Highly rated kayaking/naturalist guides combine sea and land excursions for a full natural history and evolutionary tour. You will be sure to encounter many friendly species of Galapagos wildlife...

Days: 7
From: $3775
Effort: Moderate. No experience necessary.

Galapagos Multisport Adventure, 5 Days

The 5-Day Opuntia Multisport Adventure highlights the beautiful environments and wildlife of the Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands of Galapagos through lively activities like kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and snorkeling. With a special focus on Isabela Island, you'll get an in-depth view of this huge, sparsely populated island, and an extra night in our flagship Iguana...

Days: 5
From: $2116
Effort: Easy to moderate. No experience necessary.

Galapagos Multisport Adventure, 7 Days

The 7-day Opuntia Multisport Adventure is based on decades of experience in multisport touring. This weeklong Galapagos Land Based adventure brings you face-to-face with unique wildlife. Kayak through clear waters with sea turtles, sharks, and sea lions, hike active volcanoes, mountain bike picturesque coastlines, snorkel tropical waters alive with color and movement, and...

Days: 7
From: $3190
Effort: Moderate. No experience necessary.

Opuntia Walking Journey, 7 Days

Hike into an incredible world of natural history! Our walking tour is focused on world-class hikes through the diverse ecosystems of the Galapagos. Head off the beaten path through landscapes of lava rock, picturesque coastlines, endemic forests, and volcanic highlands. Along the way, you’ll meet the famous wildlife of the Galapagos, including giant tortoises, marine...

Days: 7
From: $3001
Effort: Easy to moderate. No experience required.

Opuntia Learn To Dive, 4 Days

  Learn to scuba dive and get your PADI Open Water Diving Certification in one of the most remarkable underwater locations on Earth! Over the course of four days, you’ll receive classroom instruction, two underwater practice sessions in a training pool, and four open-water dives in incredible locations around San Cristobal Island. Learn and practice with expert...

Days: 4
From: $1673
Effort: Moderate. No experience necessary.

Opuntia Surfing Tour, 5 Days

The Galapagos Islands offer a surfing experience like no other, with a wide array of spots, each with consistent surf, distinctive waves, no crowds, and stunning natural beauty. But what makes Galapagos surfing truly unique is the setting. As you ride world-class waves, you might share the barrel with a playful sea lion or spot a sea turtle below in the crystal-clear water....

Days: 5
From: $999
Effort: Moderate to challenging. Surfing experience.