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Opuntia Surfing Tour, 5 Days

Check Availability Opuntia Surfing Tour, 5 Days
Opuntia Surfing Tour, 5 Days Map
Days: 5
From: $ 999
Effort: Moderate to challenging. Surfing experience.

Activities: Surfing, island exploration, wildlife interaction, snorkeling, Kayaking, mountain biking or scuba diving available as rest day activities for additional cost.

Opuntia Surfing Tour, 5 Days

The Galapagos Islands offer a surfing experience like no other, with a wide array of spots, each with consistent surf, distinctive waves, no crowds, and stunning natural beauty. But what makes Galapagos surfing truly unique is the setting. As you ride world-class waves, you might share the barrel with a playful sea lion or spot a sea turtle below in the crystal-clear water. Between waves, rest on beautiful white sand beaches next to scores of marine iguanas and sea lions. Spend the rest of your days snorkeling, kayaking, or mountain biking in pristine, unique environments, and encountering the wildlife that make the Galapagos famous. At the end of the day, rest and refuel in comfort at Casa Opuntia, our stylish, eco-friendly hotel in San Cristobal. With the Opuntia Surfing Adventure, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind combination of great surf, incredible settings, unforgettable activities, gourmet cuisine and comfort. Pricing set for a minimum of 5 people, for parties less than 5 please call for custom pricing.

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Trip Highlights

  • Ride world-class waves, including tubes that roll for over a thousand feet at Tongo Reef
  • Enjoy the incredibly beautiful natural settings of the Galapagos
  • No crowds – the only surfers you’ll have to share waves with are sea lions and sea turtles
  • Amazing rest day activities are just as fun as the surf
  • Between waves, relax on beautiful beaches with soft sand and crystal-clear water
  • Get the inside scoop on the best surf spots from our local surf guides
  • After long days of fun, enjoy exceptional service, comfort, and cuisine at Casa Opuntia


Rates for Private tour if:
Number of Guests 5 and More
Rate per person in double accommodation $999
Single Supplement: $508

Private trips may be confirmed at the date of your choice... contact us to check availability!

Note: rates are valid until December 31/2016.

Lodging: Casa Opuntia – Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Island

Seasons: Unlike most surfing areas, San Cristobal receives both northern and southern swells equally well, which means there is good surfing year-round. However, the absolute best time to surf is from December to March, when the northern swell is largest and most consistent and water temperatures are perfect. April and May still provide very high quality surfing, as both the northern and southern swells are in at this time. From June to November, the weather is a bit colder and windier, and only the southern swell is in, but you will still find good waves.


This all-inclusive tour is the best way to surf the Galapagos. Your expert local surfing guide will take you to the best surf spots at the ideal times and coach you through the dynamics of each wave. Your guide will also become your portal into life on the island. You’ll get to know many of the characters that form the San Cristobal surfing community and hang out with the locals at the island’s best watering holes.

Our Galapagos Surfing Adventure also provides a much greater experience than just surfing. San Cristobal’s surf spots are all immaculate, free of crowds, and naturally beautiful.  You’ll surf crystal-clear waters, relax on soft, white sand beaches, and have a backdrop of volcanic rock, endemic forests, and unique animals. When the waves aren’t breaking or you want a rest, you can discover the Galapagos and its wildlife with hiking, biking, sea kayaking, scuba diving, or snorkeling excursions.

The experience is made even more distinctive by fine accommodations at our beautiful seaside hotel. Casa Opuntia is a stylish hotel that offers quality service, gourmet cuisine, and great comfort. It’s also set in a great location for access to the best surf spots. While dining on fresh, local seafood in the open-air dining room, relaxing on the patio, or taking a dip in the pool, you can keep an eye on how the waves are breaking at Punta Carola, Tongo Reef, and El Cañón.


The Galapagos Islands have some of the best surf in South America, which certainly puts them in the running for some of the best in the world.  The islands’ unique and varied geography creates a high concentration of surf spots with a wide variety of wave shape and size. The best surf in the Galapagos is located on San Cristobal Island, where we will be staying.

Average swell face height: Four to eight feet
Max swell face height: Twelve to eighteen feet
Bottom composition: Volcanic rock, similar to Hawaii but without reefs
Water temperature:
December to May: 70 to 75 F / 21 to 24 C
June to November: 68 to 72 F / 20 to 22 C
El Niño years: 75 to 79 F / 24 to 26 C
December to May: 80 to 90 F / 25 to 30 C
June to September: 60 to 70 F / 15 to 20 C
October to November: 70 to 80 F / 15 to 25 C
Water visibility: Crystal clear, often 60 feet or more
Crowd Dynamic: Very light to moderate
Access: Boat, car, and walking

Punta Carola: Considered to have the best waves in the Galapagos, and some of the best in South America, Punta Carola offers big, square barrels and long rides. The surf is very consistent, and at high tide you will find right-hand waves that average about ten feet, but can get much bigger. Low tide is perfect for boogie boarders and beginning surfers. Punta Carola also has a postcard-worthy beach with excellent snorkeling and abundant sea life when you want a break from the waves.

El Cañón: A mere ten minute walk from the hotel, this great surfing bay offers fast-tubing left-hand waves averaging six feet. El Cañón takes N, NW, W and strong SW swells. It is also a favorite surfing spot for sea lions.

La Loberia:  La Loberia is about ten minutes from the hotel by car. Here you will find very consistent six foot waves that break for both right and left-handers. There is also a beautiful white sand beach with terrific snorkeling.

Tongo Reef: A SW swell here provides awesome left-hand tubes that go on and on! The waves can be ridden for over 300 meters. The tubes at Tongo are truly unlike any other.

Manglecito: Only accessible via a short boat ride, Manglecito is a secluded beach with fun, six foot right-hand waves. It requires a strong N or NW swell and must be done at low tide, but the waves last for up to six hours, and the setting is well worth it. Boat ride not included.


Accommodations and meals in Casa Opuntia, local airport transfers, expert local surfing guide (intermediate English), all land transportation and sea transportation within the bay, half day of snorkeling if desired, half day of highland exploration if desired.


We will help you arrange any other activity you like.  We highly recommend that you spend one rest day taking a world-class kayaking trip along the north coast of San Cristobal.


Flights to and from Galapagos, entrance fee to Galapagos National Park ($100 USD p.p. subject to change), Galapagos transit card ($20 USD p.p. subject to change), tips, hotel & restaurant beverages. Boat ride to access Manglecito.


This itinerary is subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes, inclement weather conditions, and adjustments of Galapagos National Park policy.