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Opuntia Island Hopping Journey, 5 Days

Check Availability Opuntia Island Hopping Journey, 5 Days
Opuntia Island Hopping Journey, 5 Days Map
Days: 5
From: $ 2299
Effort: Easy. No experience necessary.

Activities: Snorkeling, hiking, relaxing on the beach, and wildlife interaction.

Opuntia Island Hopping Journey, 5 Days

Our Island Hopping journeys offer the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of our land-based Galapagos journeys, as well as a day trip to one of the archipelago’s smaller islands. Experience the best of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz, including their beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife, and laid-back beach towns, then get a taste of the remote as you visit one of the unpopulated islands of the Galapagos. In the evenings, relax and dine on gourmet cuisine at our boutique Opuntia Hotels. Your Island Hopping journey is led by top naturalist guides who add insight to the activities and surroundings. With Opuntia Island Hopping, enjoy the attractions of three very different islands in only five days!

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Trip Highlights

  • Snorkel with sharks, marine iguanas, rays, and sea lions
  • Walk amongst giant Galapagos tortoises in their natural habitat
  • Relax on beautiful beaches with playful sea lions and countless marine iguanas
  • Embark on an exciting day trip to one of the small, uninhabited islands of the Galapagos
  • Enjoy the exceptional service, comfort, and cuisine of the finest hotels in the Galapagos
  • Top naturalist guides serve as your liaison to the local culture and wildlife
  • Protect the environment with our sustainable, eco-friendly activities and green hotels
  • Support the local economy and get in touch with the local vibe with our land-based model



DAY 1: Interpretation Center, Hike and Snorkel Tijeretas – San Cristobal Island
DAY 2: Snorkel The Northern Coast of San Cristobal Island
DAY 3: Explore The Highlands, Visit Research Station – Santa Cruz Island
DAY 4: Wildlife Day Tour to a Nearby Small Island
DAY 5: Transfer to Baltra to take the Flight to Mainland

Rates for Private tour if:
Number of Guests 1 2 3 4 5 and More
Rate per person in double accommodation $5150 $2861 $2499 $2366 $2299
Single Supplement: $758

Private trips may be confirmed at the date of your choice... contact us to check availability!

Note: rates are valid until December 31/2016.


Accommodations in the premium Opuntia Hotels, all meals as listed (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner), private bilingual Galapagos naturalist guide, shared bilingual guide for small island day trip, all sea and land transportation.


Flights to and from Galapagos, entrance fee to Galapagos National Park ($100 USD p.p. subject to change), Galapagos transit card ($20 USD p.p. subject to change), tips, hotel & restaurant beverages.


This itinerary is subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes, inclement weather conditions, and adjustments of Galapagos National Park policy.


BOAT TRAVEL TIME: Two to three hours per boating day
SEASON: Year-round
WEATHER: During the warm season from January to May, air temperature is around 77 to 83 F (25 to 28 C) at sea level. During the cool season from June to December, air temperature is around 70 to 75 F (21 to 24 C) at sea level. Temperature decreases with altitude.
WATER TEMPERATURE: During the warm season from January to May, water temperature hovers around 77 F (25 C). During the cool season from June to December, average water temperature is about 72 F (22 C). Water temperature also varies significantly by location.
SUGGESTED ITEMS TO PACK: Walking shoes, rain jacket, water bottle, non-cotton trekking clothes, sunblock, sun hat, and repellent.